Race Recaps

Mud, hills, and sunburn is what I’m talking about!!! On Saturday afternoon my bestie, boyfriend, and myself participated in the Warrior Dash at Afton Alps!  It was a blast!  Talk about a climb to the top and trying to stop yourself so you don’t barrel roll on the downward slopes!

The day started out stormy, as we were approaching the warrior ground it started to clear up.  We had to jump onto a hay wagon pulled by a tractor to get to the shuttles, (school busses), and they brought us to Afton Alps.  What did I forget in the car? Sunscreen.. NOOOOOOO!!!! I even made a note to bring the sunscreen, I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached! Next time,  post-it note to the forehead! Furthermore, we picked up our chips and packets and got geared up and within 45 minutes we were off!!! My favorite parts were the obstacles such as climbing the walls, climbing up the cargo net, and the huge gush of water they forcefully spray at you!! Dislikes, would have to be the cargo net you have to crawl across because it burned my knees (I will live 😉 ) and the mud at the end  that tore up my knees because of the insanely large amount of gravel!  Above all,  It shaped up to be a beautiful sunny, hot day!  Would I do it again? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

I will work on posting pics!  More pics to come when they post them on the website!

Did anyone else do the Warrior Dash in Minnesota?  What were your thoughts on the event?


One Response to Race Recaps

  1. margie herrley says:

    i am so proud of u!

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